Ants are amazing little critters, from their ability to carry items several times heavier than their own weight to the ability to create and navigate extremely complex colonies above and below the surface; unfortunately, ants do not do anything alone and tend to show up in extreme numbers well into the hundreds or thousands. Fortunately, the Freedom Home Package can combat your ant infestation and provide year-long control.

Common Misconception

Fire ant bites are very painful!

While fire ants, like many other ant species, do bite – the bite itself can be mildly irritating at best. The reality is that it is the sting of a fire ant that is painful, and when you are stung you feel the sharp, chemical-induced pain that is delivered.

The Truth About Ants

Ants are believed to be the most populous species on the planet with their estimated numbers running anywhere from 10.000 trillion to 100 trillion. To put this in perspective, the weight of all ants is equal to or greater than the weight of all humans on the planet – so it is not surprising that ants account for more pest control issues then all other pests combined.

There are quite literally thousands of ant species and many of them can be found right here in South Texas. The most prolific ones are listed on here on the side of the page and create hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, in the Houston area alone, every year. While the various species can be hard to identity since their behavior, habits and biology can differ greatly, all ants live in communities which are made up of at least one queen, primarily female workers, and a few males.

Here at Freedom Pest Control our technicians are specially trained to combat infestations and control the problem directly from the source.

Potential Problems Associated with Ants

  • They can sting, bite or otherwise be very irritating
  • They can contaminate food and transmit diseases
  • They weaken the integrity of structures by hollowing them out to form nests
  • They gnaw holes in rubber, fabric, and the insulation on wires
  • They can devastate vegetation by gnawing into plant beds, defoliate plants, and steal seeds
  • They can attract aphids allowing them to proliferate and destroy your plants

Minimize Potential Outbreaks

While there is no way to completely prevent ants from entering or infesting your home, there are most certainly preventative steps you can take. The most effective method is to have your home on a pest control program, such as the Freedom Home Package which protects the interior of your home from a number of potential pests and well as provides quarterly services to the outside of your home to keep ants and other potential pest at bay.

Other proactive steps you can take include:

  • Store sugars, grains, pet foods and other loose food items in glass jars with seals or plastic containers with tight lids
  • Clean up food sources such as dirty counter tops, stove tops, floors, garbage cans, etc.
  • Store garbage in tightly sealed containers and empty garbage daily
  • Regularly monitor the interior of your home for high risks areas of entry (doors, windows, cracks in walls, etc)
  • Cut branches away from the house and plant flowers, trees and shrubbery away from the exterior walls of your home
  • Control insects that create”honeydew” (a bi-product of insects that feed on plant sap), such as aphids and scale
  • Place pet bowls in moats (example – pie tin with water and bowl in center)


South Texas Ants

Red Imported Fire Ants

Carpenter Ants

Pharaoh Ants

Crazy Ants

Acrobat Ants

Texas Leaf-cutting Ants

Odorous House Ants

Rover Ants

Pyramid Ants

Bigheaded Ants

Ghost Ants

Harvester Ants

Little Black Ants

Formica Ants

Red Pavement Ants

Red Velvet Ants

Thistle Down Velvet Ants

Yellow Velvet Ants


After the initial service is
complete, we will return to your
home every quarter to reapply
the outside barrier.

If you develop a pest problem while under our protection, we will work to resolve the issue, guaranteed. We provide free call backs if problems arise between scheduled appointments.