Due to their resemblance to aunts, people often confuse these two insects. Termites live in colonies with each playing a different role. There are soldiers, queens, workers and reproductive termites. They invade homes and digest wood, leading to the breakdown of structural houses and extensive damage to trees and vegetation.

Fortunately, the Freedom Home Package can combat your termite infestation and provide a year-long protection.


Common Misconception:

Termites Bite humans and spread diseases!

While termites may bite people, they may not cause or spread any disease. Their bite is quite harmless. And if they do bite, it’s either due to self-defense at being attacked.

The Truth About Termites

The approximate number of all termites’ species worldwide is about 2,000. Every year, termites cause more than $5 billion in structural damage. In facts, due to their large number, the total weight of all of the termites is more than the weight of all the people in the world. Drywood termites are mostly found in South Texas because it’s a desert area. Termites are not related to ants. In fact, termites are more related to cockroaches than ants. Therefore, the pest control measurements done for insect removal will not work on termites.

Also, termites have wings that they shed off once they find a suitable place to settle. In addition to this, they are social insects who live in organized colonies. Termites are also important in our ecosystem. They recycle dead wood in forests by breaking it down and turning it into nutrient-rich soil that support plants grow.

Here at Freedom Pest Control, our technicians are specially trained to combat infestations and control the problem directly from the source.

Potential Problems Associated With Termites

  • They lead to structural and property damage thus leading to loss of billions of dollars in repair
  • They can also cause bad smell in the house due to their fecal pellets
  • They can cause blisters and discoloration on your walls and you may go to the expense of replacing them to get rid of the bad odor and stains
  • They destroy trees and vegetation

Minimize Potential Outbreaks

Termites are hard to spot, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there within the structure of your building or home. First of all, you need to determine whether your house has been infested, where the infestation has taken place and how long the termites have been there. This can be done best by an expert. However, you can do the inspection yourself.

Other Proactive Steps you can take include:

  • You can pour hot boiling water into the entrance of a termite colony will kill termites on contact
  • To keep of dampwood termites, make sure water drains away from your home
  • Replace or get rid of any damp or damaged wood on the outside of your house
  • Make sure scrap and firewood wood is kept away from your household
  • Seal and cover all cracks outside and around your home.
  • To keep away Formosan termites, direct drainage water away from your house.
  • Scrutinize your home for signs of termites, mud tubes and such as bubbling paints, wood that echoes hollowly when tapped.

South Texas Termites

Subterranean Termites

Drywood Termites

Dampwood Termites


After the initial service is
complete, we will return to your
home every quarter to reapply
the outside barrier.

If you develop a pest problem while under our protection, we will work to resolve the issue, guaranteed. We provide free call backs if problems arise between scheduled appointments.